Libido? LibiNo. 

There are many of life’s experiences that remind us what it is to be human and alive. Celebrating a victory, mourning a loss, having something to fight for, loving another person, making someone smile, etc. For me, all of these experiences are different because I have depersonalization disorder. I experience all the emotion and feeling…


A brief welcome and explanation of my blog.

Modern-Day Hippies, Zen, and phonies.

My attitude, beliefs, and way of life are somethings that are very important to me. They mean something. Lately, I’ve witnessed people I know, as well as strangers who throw around these words that I live by or with. I’ve heard people label themselves as hippies for the wrong reasons. I’ve heard people use the word zen for the wrong reasons. I’ve heard people belittle my lifestyle and make it out to be so much less than it truly is.