Sunday Vibes- Make time.

Good evening lovelies.

Here we are again this Sunday Evening. I hope your weekend has been well, even if you’ve indulged more than you perhaps should have.

Tomorrow begins Monday again, and I have some advice for you…

Make time. 

I have been thinking tonight and I realized just how many days have gone by in a row that I haven’t taken the time to take care of myself spiritually.  Thirty minutes a day would be the perfect amount of time for a meditation to realign my mind, and a quick yoga session to realign my body. Add in another 30 minutes to finish one of the blog posts in my draft box, or to scribble down my thoughts into my journal.  One hour a day is all I need and I’m given 24 to work with.

The truth is that not everyone needs that much time, even. Sometimes just taking 20 minutes to yourself can make an entire world of difference. A few minutes away from screaming children, begging pets, nagging mother-in-laws, that stinky co-worker you try to be nice to anyway…
Just a few minutes to take a breath and fill your chest with light again.

I find that as I start most days my light inside shines fairly bright but as the day goes on it gets dimmer and dimmer. It’s important to take the few moments to give it a rest to shine brighter again.

So I challenge you this week, to take your time each day and give yourself a break to recharge.

Let me know how this works for you in the comments! 🙂

As always,
Love, light, and Peace to you.


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