Time to try something new..

Thanks to the help of Twitter, I recently stumbled across a blog that I just simply adore. This blog has given me a new perspective on the way I wish to run my own personal blog.

Check her out here: Pessimistically Optimistic Nonsense

When I started this up, my intention was to make it a place to document my mental illness(es) recovery and possibly be a voice someone might need to hear. When I was deep in my struggles, I searched for blogs that I could relate to and that could help me understand my own situation. To my unfortunate lack of luck, I was unable to find many. So I had made it my goal to try to maintain a steady blog with posts that if people in my unique situation could take a breather from.

The thing is…I disappeared from my blog for four months. During that time I started out on my fitness/wellness journey and I learned a lot. I also began a bit of a more spiritual journey. The important thing that I have done is really start to discover the kind of person I was aiming to become. On facebook and Instagram I work on becoming that person, but I never thought about using my blog to as well. By ‘that person’, I mean a more positive and uplifting person. I’m venturing down an atheistic neo-pagan path at the moment, and I’m trying to allow myself to stay more in tune to myself and this world.

I’m better when I am able to get a daily meditating streak going, but even when I don’t I want to be trying. That’s something that the previously linked blog has done for me. Reminded me that I could use my own blog to post more “zen” inducing thoughts. Plus I think I’m going to use it as a kind of mindful exercise. If I allow myself to have a few moments most days or on a specific set of days to compose my thoughts and be in the moment and just appreciate that- I’ll be closer to the peace I’m striving for. I’m also interested in creating a space for more interaction within my blog. I never would have thought about such a blogging experience until finding that blog. I love the idea of exchanging thoughts with strangers and gaining newer perspectives and insights into certain topics.

So with that, I extend an invitation to join me in the comments on my posts. Share your thoughts with me and other readers.

As always,
Peace, Love, and Light to you!


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