Sunday Vibes

I’ve been pondering all day what I’d like to do for my “zen-inducing” thought posts. It turns out the answer was closer than I realized the whole time. I looked down at my shirt this morning and realized it’s a good idea.

Sunday Vibes.

Sundays are the last day of the weekend that most people dread because they mean Monday is one sleep away. I love Sundays. From here on out you can expect to find a Sunday Vibes post to give you some positivity before you head into Monday. Feel free to chat in the comments and let me hear what your soul is saying.

473da0a23e93de6ab766de6555a62ba5((Quote from Silver Linings Playbook. Pat (Bradley Cooper.))

Sundays are the beginning of a fresh new week. Anything that haunted and plagued you from the week before can be let go. It’s a new beginning. It’s a good time to start again. Any work projects, any personal projects, any art projects, have had a few days rest. You’re ready to go back at them with fresh eyes tomorrow. Any journey you’re on that you may have found yourself derailing from can return to the tracks. Time is just a concept we as humans have created, but it’s still a good way to train your brain into just being ready. Sometimes the thought of having what signifies a new beginning can help push your mindset closer to reaching your goals.

Time is going to pass regardless of what you do with it.

So take a deep breath.
Sit up straight and stretch out your back.
Tilt your head from side to side and let out your breath.

Repeat a couple times and let yourself be in the moment. Monday is not here yet. Sunday is not over yet. Take some time for yourself to set your goals for the week and enjoy how your body is taking care of you in this moment. Giving you breath and pumping blood to your heart.

You’ll be okay this week. You’re in control.

As always,
Peace, love, and light to my readers.

Food for thought: What do YOU like to do on Sundays to prepare for the week?


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