For the first time in almost three months I woke up today at 7:30am without an alarm. However it’s more than just that…I woke up to sun shining and feeling rather well rested. 

It’s peaceful. 

The sun shining through the curtain (which is really just a blanket) and the soft sounds of traffic in the distance and the breeze in the trees outside creates an overall sense of serenity. 

It’s reminded me how important it is to embrace such a feeling and such a wholeness. 

I’ve been on unemployment for three months due to my job being seasonal, and in this time I haven’t felt my importance in each moment. Instead each moment has come and gone just waving at me as it passes by. Today I’m remembering to include myself in the moment. Today I’m embracing the moment. 
As always, 

Peace, love, and light. 


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