Everyone needs a Slinger.

A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg
 even if you are half-cracked. ~Author unknown

Slinger is a ridiculous nickname to compliment mine; Bean. A ridiculous nickname for a ridiculous woman who I love dearly and call my best friend. In my previous post about my other best friend, I discussed my view of soul mates. I stated that soul mates can be anybody and that we’re all lucky enough to experience this connection with one or two or thirty people over the course of a life time.

I’ve had a few in my young life already, and three who are a still a part of it.

Miss Dalia is one of my soul mates.

She’s the type of friend you make but don’t realize how important they’re going to become to you and to your life. I have yet to meet her in person, but some day soon that will all change. She lives merely across the country. A feat so doable to conquer. Until then, snapchats, texts, Skype calls, etc. shall suffice.

She’s that friend who understands the weirdest references. The one you can randomly send a gif or a meme to and she’s just going to KNOW. The one you can send your cat pictures to and that will feed your weird obsessions. She’s the one who I have the weirdest inside jokes with. I.e. Snovaries, Bean/Slinger, etc.

She’s the type of friend who tells you how it is straight up. The one you can rely on to make you laugh or to warm your heart with some gushy ass message that makes you smile even when your lips are stapled into a frown.

She’s the friend who has interests very similar to yours. The one who puts words to the things you can’t. The one who without fail will know when something is wrong with you and do everything in her power regardless of how shit her own situation is to make you feel better.

I met her a few years ago and over time our friendship has grown and grown and grown. I couldn’t imagine not having her be a part of my life. Snapchat and Skype would not be the same. She’s the one who brings out the silly in me. Helps me cut loose and laugh and embrace my inner dweeb.
tumblr_m5twrpBpX71rqlfp9.gifShe’s the one who appreciates perfect use of celebrity crushes in any and all situations. Such as that RDJ gif right above this. Man, that man is perfection.

I have a few reasons for being who I am today. A few reasons for waking up in the morning and fighting the good fight. She’s one of them. She’s the epitome of inspiration.

She’s one of the ones I’ve called on through every rough patch because she always knows what to say. She’s always willing to listen and to help. Even when I couldn’t stop having panic attacks every couple of minutes at the onset of my DPD she was there making me feel better.

She’s the friend you ALWAYS want on your side because she’s small but god damn mighty. She will destroy anyone who comes at you within seconds because that’s just who she is. She defends her friends as long as they’re in the right, and she fights and stands up for what she believes in.

I don’t deserve to have such incredible people in my life, but I won’t ever for one second take it for granted. I am beyond thankful for her.


And today, August 18th, happens to be her birthday, which is why this post is dedicated to her and to telling the world what a kick-ass best friend I have.

Happy birthday best friend! I hope it’s all that it’s meant to be and that you’re enjoying every second! No matter what’s happened to get you to where you are in life…you’re free. You’re strong. You’re amazing.

I love you.


Never forget to tell the people you care about how much they mean to you. ❤

As always,
Peace, love, and light to my readers.


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